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If you sleep badly at night, this may be due to your mattress. If it is old, worn out or simply not suitable for you and your body, this will inevitably lead to back problems and poor sleep. Then it is time for a new purchase. But finding a new mattress is anything but easy.

Which mattress suits you best? Which type of mattress is suitable – and which is not? And how do you find a suitable model? The range of mattresses on offer is so large that many consumers quickly lose track.

Cold Foam Or Spring Core Mattress – Which Variant Is Better?

Opinions differ particularly when it comes to the question of whether a spring or cold foam mattress is better suited. This is simply because the choice also depends on individual factors such as your height, weight, sleeping position and requirements.

We will now present the most important features, advantages and disadvantages of both types of mattress to make it easier for you to find the perfect model for your needs.

Characteristics, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most common mattresses of all. They can be further subdivided into different subtypes:

Bonell spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress (TFK mattress)

barrel pocket spring core mattress

In a Bonell spring mattress the springs are connected to each other. Therefore these mattresses are area-elastic. They resonate when moved. Mattresses with pocket springs or barrel springs are considered to be of higher quality.

The springs are individually packed in pockets, so that the point elasticity is higher. TFK mattresses react individually to load and provide good ventilation. The latter has a positive effect on the room climate. The moisture is well removed, which improves the sleeping climate.

In addition, TFK mattresses are considered very durable and resilient. As a rule, you do not need an expensive slatted frame in addition, because the pocket spring mattress already forms a stable base – provided that you decide on a high-quality model.

There are also inferior TFK mattresses where the support function for the spine is poorly developed because the point elasticity is insufficient. Spring mattresses generally have the disadvantage that their own weight is quite high.

As a result, they can only be transported at great expense. Unfortunately, innerspring mattresses often cannot be combined with an adjustable slatted frame because it could damage the springs.

Overall, innerspring mattresses are well suited for people who sweat a lot at night because of their cooling properties. Because of their high load-bearing capacity, they are also suitable for people with a high body weight. TFK mattresses are particularly recommended because they have a high point elasticity due to the individual springs.

No matter whether you sleep on your side, on your back or on your stomach, a TFK mattress will always adapt well to your position. However, if you prefer a softer lying sensation, you might be unhappy with a spring mattress, because these mattresses are rather firm.

Characteristics, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cold Foam Mattresses

The direct competition to innerspring mattresses are cold foam mattresses. They consist of PU foam produced from polyurethane. After foaming, no heat needs to be applied for curing. This is why we talk about cold foam. The foaming causes the pores to close, which is why they have to be opened again by the so-called crushing.

This is important so that cold foam mattresses remain breathable. The mattresses have a high compression hardness and good dimensional stability. The mattress quickly returns to its original shape after a load is applied. This is why the point elasticity of cold foam mattresses is very good, so that they adapt well to your body.

Cold foam can be worked well, which is why 7-zone cold foam mattresses are often offered. These zones help to further improve the adaptation to your body shape.

When you buy a cold foam mattress, it is important to pay attention to a high density. It should be at least 40 kilograms per cubic metre so that the body is well supported. It is also the only way to avoid recumbent hollows.

The degree of firmness is not standardised for cold foam mattresses and can vary depending on the manufacturer. We hope we can help you to decided what mattress is best for sleeping after reading our article.