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Cello bags as well as polyethylene bags are extremely preferred today. The complicated component is that many people do not know the distinction between them. It is not unusual to see or hear people referring to cellophane as polyethylene, as well as the other way around. This academic post is suggested to eliminate the confusion between these 2 at last, in addition to aid you choose one for your existing requirements (advertising and marketing, gifts, and so on).


Cellophane is a transparent grease-resistant and also moisture-resistant movie created from viscose. It was invented by a Swiss fabric designer in 1911. In 1913, France began to make it widespread. It became the very first moisture-resistant and also adaptable packaging in the world. Nonetheless, after the invention of polyethylene in the 1950s, cellophane began to be replaced by this new material.

Cello bags are normally utilized for foods (meats, cheeses, sweet, cookies, and so on), in addition to for little presents and also cards (greeting cards, flower shop cards). Cello packs are often made use of to wrap gifts for events as well as holidays (birthday, wedding event, Xmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so on). They can be clear or colored, in addition to preprinted or customized printed. They can be flat or gusseted, along with square or conical. You can also find naturally degradable cello product packaging.


Polyethylene (polythene) is a plastic made by polymerization of ethylene. Today, this plastic is one of the most manufactured plastic in the world. This material can look transparent or white (depending upon its thickness). It is a lot more resilient and also resistant to aspects than cellophane. Read more information on pe sheet in this link.

It is made use of in bulletproof vests, watercrafts, ATVs, as well as cartilage substitutes in medicine. Polyethylene was designed in 1899 by a German designer, however it stayed in oblivion until 1933. By the 1950s, it came to be one of the most preferred material for product packaging and also started to change the much less resilient cello bags.

Polyethylene is divided right into 3 kinds: HDPE (High Density Polythene), MDPE (Medium Thickness Polythene), and LDPE (Low Thickness Polythene). The HDPE is made use of for sturdy bags with routine or reinforced patch manages or loophole handles. The LDPE is made use of for lightweight T-shirt bags. These are extra capacious; besides, they are one of the most inexpensive sort of packaging.

Custom Printed Cellophane and also Polyethylene

Both kinds of materials (cellophane and polyethylene) can be personalized published in full shade. They can be used for placing message or graphics onto them, such as for advertising and presents. Cellophane packs are commonly used for presents, while polyethylene packs are more frequently utilized for advertising and marketing.

Cello bags are utilized to carry gift cards with blossoms, as well as gifts for birthdays, weddings, Xmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and various other occasions. Polythene bags are made use of for item sales, in addition to disperse printed products at discussions and exhibitions.

Both types of bags are one of one of the most functional, portable and affordable mediums for marketing or customized gifts. Any one of these two sorts of personalized packaging will certainly be long valued and also develop a favorable perception on the receiver. We wish that we have gotten rid of the confusion between the two, which now you understand which kind of them is best for your current requirements.

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